BLUEGRioT is a design house specialized in iOT.

Featuring a production capacity on business prototypes, we have the network of partners to support you in the serial manufacturing of your products. BLUEGRioT is the current holder of the largest number of devices connected on a single Thread Network. We work in the health, automotive, retail, Consumer and industry sectors.

You are Innovation Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager for Retailers, Head of Department, Physicians, iOT Manager, DSI or " startuper".

You have an idea, convictions, a iOT project, a specification, deadlines and you are looking for a partner able to do R&D for you so do not hesitate and contact us!

Our methodology allows us to adapt to any type of structure, large international groups such as SMEs or startups.

Because every project is unique we adapt our project approach to give your iOT object the best opportunity to achieve its functional and commercial objectives.