Blume Global

Blume Global
Pleasanton, CA
United States

Blume Global powers the global supply chain ecosystem with its AI-enabled, data-driven digital platform and solutions for asset management, logistics, visibility, optimization and financial settlement. Blume provides retailers with end-to-end supply chain visibility, giving users accurate location and status data on orders, items (inventory in transit) and shipments. Blume’s cognitive transportation management system continuously analyzes data in real time from the extensive Blume network, searching for opportunities to provide superior customer service while balancing cost. Retailers also benefit from supply chain execution for procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes, enabling collaboration among buyer, supplier and logistics providers.

Blume Global dynamically recommends and automatically reroutes shipments as they move along complex, multi-modal routes. Blume has the only solution that works on a pervasive, global scale across all modes, making sure retailers always know where their goods are and when they will arrive. With Blume, retailers can easily overcome supply chain disruptions and meet dynamically changing demand.