CBX Software

CBX Software
San Diego, CA
United States

CBX Software is Retail's Leading Private Label Management Platform.

Trusted by top brands such as, Ace Hardware, Petco, REI, Target, El Corte Inglés, PetSmart, among many other leading retailers around the world.

Deployed in 2013, CBX is comprised of product lifecycle management software (PLM), supply chain management software (SCM) and the TradeBeyond sourcing app. 

TradeBeyond is a simple, easy to use app that is changing the way retailers collaborate and source products from suppliers. Faster, more powerful, than traditional assortment planning and sourcing methods. Built from a community of retailers, suppliers, and brands coming together to streamline assortment planning, sourcing, quotations, & buying. TradeBeyond is a collection of digital projects that drive collaboration, simplifies the selection process and kicks off the product lifecycle.

CBX Software, combining people, processes and solutions, streamlines assortment planningproduct developmentsourcing and supplier management, all the way through committed ordersQAWIP Production Tracking and delivery.