CMV Informatics

CMV Informatics

Are you a retailer looking to optimize your pricing strategy and better manage your points of sale?

For over three decades, CMV Informatics has been focused on the retail space, specializing in digital solutions tailored for efficient pricing and point of sale management. CMV Informatics only focuses on retailers, understanding your pain points, and investing continuously to bring tangible value to your business.

For example, our CMV Cabexpert Pricing™ tool allows you to carry out pricing strategy simulations in real-time and make necessary updates on the fly. With CMV's Posipricing™, you get competitive price intelligence with dynamic marketing data visualization.

And Cabexpert Retail™ and Cabexpert Multimag™ optimize the management of your points of sale in an intuitive and user-friendly way. And although our solutions maximize the latest digital technologies, all our clients take advantage of our personalized 1:1 consulting before finalizing on the best custom solution, during the implementation phase, and for ongoing post-sales support.

CMV Informatics: Support and Excellence for Your Retail Success.