Digimarc Corporation

Digimarc Corporation
Beaverton, OR
United States
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Digimarc partners with retailers and consumer brands to modernize their supply chains and improve efficiency and operations at every stage of the value chain, from packaging development to distribution, brick-and-mortar retail to ecommerce, and finally to the sorting and recycling of plastic material at the postconsumer stage. 

Digimarc supports this critical modernization with the Digimarc Platform, a software and services platform for automatic identification of packaging, labels, corrugate shippers, plastic substrates, digital images, and more.

The platform allows for robust yet largely imperceptible digital identities to be placed into packaging and then detected during manufacturing and throughout the supply chain, improving first-pass read rates for quality control and automation.  Since these identities can be unique to every package, they also serve as an important element for track-and-trace and brand protection.

The Digimarc Platform supports consumer brands and retailers as they move “beyond the barcode” and modernize their operations from source to store.