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  • Reduces loss and shrinkage by up to 90%
  • Increases checkout speed by up to 75%
  • Reduces overall plastic use by up to 50%

Edgify is a deep tech company that developed the world's first models of training  artificial intelligence (AI) of computer vision, directly on simple edge devices such as self-checkout, smart scales and point of sale machinesTraining AI models directly on the edge dramatically improves the accuracy of the AI model. As such, we hold a 99.98% accuracy average!

DISTRIBUTED YET COLLABORATIVE: The framework that Edgify has created utilizes two unique patented algorithms called The Edgify Edge Training Loop & The Edgify Collaborative Controller. When they work in tandem with each other, they keep the edge devices (like self-checkout) always learning and improving locally. The knowledge gained is then shared with the rest of the checkouts in the store, and with the checkouts across the entire chain.

UNRIVALLED ACCURACY AND SPEED: The ability to train complex AI models of computer vision directly on edge devices such as self-checkouts, brings great benefits to retailers: