GK Software USA, Inc.

GK Software USA, Inc.
Raleigh, NC
United States

With over 400,000 POS and payment installations in more than 60 countries, GK Software is a leading developer and provider of standard software for the retail sector. Empower your business with native services that connect your stores with a seamless omnichannel process.

cloud4retail® is GK Software’s comprehensive retail platform that supports the most important services for unified commerce. From mobile customer loyalty to mobile store merchandise management, AI-enabled personalization and so much more, our modern, open and quickly expandable unified cloud platform is ready to do it all.

GK Software breaks down the barriers to unified commerce with its GK/Retail OmniPOS solution for point of sale. A powerful package of services that enables you to access every functionality, not only in the store but throughout the entire enterprise. The solution spans all retail segments and geographies, serving customers from mid-size chains to some of the world’s largest retailers.