Global Technology Systems (GTS)

Global Technology Systems (GTS)
Global Technology Systems (GTS)
Framingham, MA
United States

Retailers have $$ millions invested in Replacement Batteries for the scanners, printers, and other data & voice communications devices in their DC’s and stores. Most retailers find it difficult to control these inventories of thousands of batteries, and the replacement process.

GTS helps manage this replacement process and these inventories, and sends better batteries direct to each location. This can cut your mobile operating costs by 30% or more and it eliminates worker and system down-time.

GTS also provides reports on your spending, battery usage, and battery recycling in each location. GTS pays its clients to recycle their old batteries.

For more than two decades, GTS has been internationally recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of replacement batteries and chargers for mobile devices. Leaders such as Top 100 Retailers, FedEx and UPS, and government agencies trust GTS to manage their enterprise mobility.

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