Infor Retail

Infor Retail
New York, NY
United States
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Infor is a global leader in industry-specific cloud software products.

Infor understands the pressing need for smart solutions. Our solutions possess leading artificial intelligence and machine learning functionality to help retailers make the right decisions for their business, inventory, and customers. Our supply chain solutions allow goods to move optimally across a retailer’s extended partner network, providing greater visibility from source to end customer.

Beyond the movement of goods, our people solutions are built to optimize the movement and allocation of a retailer’s workforce. Infor solutions help ensure that the best people are in place for each job and are equipped with the tools to be successful in their roles while providing the experience their customers deserve.

Today, it’s essential to have the right technology partner to support your journey. We know retail, and we enjoy sharing that knowledge with our customers to help them achieve better outcomes.