JumpMind, Inc.

JumpMind, Inc.
Columbus, OH
United States
JumpMind was founded in 2008 with a vision for better enterprise software. Four seasoned developers met a critical need for data synchronization by developing SymmetricDS. Today, SymmetricDS synchronizes data over 50,000+ databases. We are a privately held company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Our expertise in streaming data has always been a natural fit for retail. In 2017 our closest retail partners came to us seeking to evolve their store systems. Out of those meetings our newest product, JumpMind Commerce, was born.  JumpMind Commerce is a retail platform including point of sale, tax engine, promotion engine, and more.Our Core Values
Do the Right Thing We sincerely want to do right by our clients and see to their success. 
Family Orientation Inside JumpMind we are like family, and that family includes our clients, as well.
Legendary Support  Our expert support team is 100% composed of developers and architects working on the product.