Mi9 Retail

Mi9 Retail
Miami, FL
United States


Mi9 Retail is the leading provider of omnichannel solutions for Tier 1 retailers. Mi9 eliminates the siloed, redundant systems that make it impossible to maintain a single, accurate, real-time view of inventory across channels so you can reduce excess safety stock and free up working capital.

REAL-TIME TECHNOLOGY, REAL-TIME EXPERIENCES: The Mi9 Retail Merchandise Optimization Platform transforms your manual, intuition-based planning and merchandising process into one that is data-driven and automated. Plan, forecast, allocate, and replenish inventory at a hyper-local level using artificial intelligence to drive better decisions that significantly improve the bottom line.

REAL ROI: The world's leading retailers, wholesalers, and brands are optimizing inventory and realizing a high return on investment with Mi9 Retail solutions: 

  • Increase inventory turns by 20%
  • Decrease inventory costs by 10%
  • Increase planning efficiency by 30%