Nexite brings merchandise to life. Passive products are transformed into active digital communicators, delivering retailers a continuous stream of real-time data. The data automatically flows in from the merchandise, telling their complete life story from their first stitches in the factory, to their final destination in the customer's closet.
In a world full of scanners, manual processes, and almost no data, Nexite merges the online and offline experience, optimizes revenue based on real-time store insights, and delivers game-changing retail experiences.

Nexite platform enables: (1) Connected Omnichannel: real-time visibility into physical inventory. Right to the last minute and with no need for manual scanning. (2) Connected Stores: provides actionable insights to boost sales for Merchandisers, Operations managers, Store Managers, and Store staff. The insights are based on the unique data collected by Nexite - customer journey, product positioning, and display availability. (3) Connected Commerce: Contactless, secure purchases wherever the customer is - self-checkout, Click&Collect and Returns. No queues, no staff needed, no shrinkage.