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Occubee - AI platform for Data-Driven Retail.

Occubee provides sales and demand forecasting dedicated to the retail industry including manufacturing, suppliers and distributors, based on artificial intelligence. The platform effectively responds to the needs of modern retail and is a part of the global megatrends utilizing available data.

Occubee supports all distribution and sales channels through cross-departmental approach to data analysis. With advanced analytics based on machine learning and data science it automatically translates large amount of receipt data, information on thousands of products and dozens of retail-specific factors into reliable sales and demand forecasts.

Prediwise Consulting helps to implement 3Soft's Occubee platform.

At Prediwise Consulting, we provide consulting services in the field of comprehensive transformation of retailers and producers towards Data-Driven Business.

At 3Soft we design, create and launch dedicated IT system largest companies in Poland and across Europe.