Opticon, Inc.

Opticon, Inc.
Renton, WA
United States

Since 1976, Opticon has been providing the retail industry with a wide range of affordable and reliable barcode scanning solutions including point-of-sale and presentation scanners, wireless wearable, ring and pocket-sized scanners and a comprehensive line of mobile computers. Featuring innovative design and engineering from the ground up, Opticon’s solutions offer advances in performance and ergonomics without sacrificing quality and reliability.

Opticon will be showcasing our barcode scanning solutions along with our digital signage and electronic shelf labeling (ESL) offerings. With the Opticon ESL system, companies can quickly recover their investment by realizing benefits beyond just labor and cost savings, such as building and enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction, streamlining store operations, improving product margins and increasing sales. Our ESL system features full color TFT screens and various sizes of e-paper based displays and is highly customizable and scalable as it features centralized administration of all devices with 100% content flexibility.