SmarDTV Global

SmarDTV Global
La Ciotat,

SmarDTV Global is an international leader for solutions in the IoT and Video & Media industry. Our solutions provide customers with secure, flexible, high quality technologies to help them deliver innovative service offering. SmarDTV Global deploys large scale smart solutions around the world every year.

SmarDTV’s EdgeWay is the first Video Edge Platform that empowers camera to capture all the in-shop activities and convert it, thanks to the right AI algorithm, into valuable data. EdgeWay is the mandatory underlying infrastructure for smart-retail initiatives to achieve best-in-class ROI. Through a scalable architecture EdgeWay enables to integrate 3rd party AI and sensors for all the use-cases into an open smart-retail infrastructure. It allows to bridge the gap in between already deployed sensors like cameras, in-store devices such as PoS, in-house AI, ERP and business applications.

SmarDTV Global is headquartered in France with worldwide offices.