Chicago, IL
United States

Tangiblee is an eCommerce product experience platform that delivers interactive, seamless customer experiences that are unique to every product and personalized for every shopper.  Tangiblee extracts existing product imagery & content directly from the product page and ‘re-packages’ the content into an interactive on-page experience. 

The experience is custom-built for every retailer - specific to their eCommerce website - and generates branded, curated content for every product page automatically. Tangiblee's solution is capable of serving catalog sizes of one hundred product SKUs to hundreds of thousands of SKUs.

Tangiblee is software with a service - requiring zero technical or development resources from its retail clients.  Tangiblee provides retailers a single snippet of code to paste into their tag manager or backend.  That's it.  Tangiblee handles maintenance, updates, everything.

Compatible with any retail platform - app or web-based - Tangiblee bridges the gap between business-focused & brand-focused teams, helping retailers provide the best possible digital shopping experience for their customers.