Simply put, Trax digitizes the physical world of retail.

We use shelf edge cameras and autonomous robots, augmented with AI algorithms to capture and recognize every product on every shelf across the store.   We do this with exceptionally high precision.   And with that, we create a digital version of the shelf, which is a data set that wasn't accessible at scale before.  

We call this continuous shelf data.  And this is the data source that is transforming retail:

  • Automation of manual tasks like gap and price scanning to free up your staff to help shoppers.
  • Real-time alerts to restock shelves faster than ever and increase on-shelf availability.
  • Drive supply chain decisions with true shelf data
  • Automatically identify price, promo and planogram errors
  • Optimize On-line order picking efficiency while improvong shopper satisfaction

Trax is headquartered in Singapore and operates in over 90 countries worldwide.