Xovis AG

Xovis AG

Swiss-based Xovis is a specialist when it comes to people flow measurement technology. Its 3D sensors are unique on the market and are developed and manufactured in-house. The ceiling mounting puts them in the best position for an unhindered view of people flow.

Xovis’s product range is broad, comprising various sensor types and exclusive Multisensor technology to cover large areas, as well as additional features such as Gender Statistics, Staff Exclusion, Group Counting and the IoT device Xovis SPIDER. In addition, Xovis has been the first to introduce a sensor with artificial intelligence (AI) firmware. This innovation further enhances the accuracy of the tracking capability and thus stabilizes measurements, but more importantly, it forms the basis for the future.

With this and more, Xovis is the perfect technology provider for all kind of solutions and advanced in-store analytics. With Xovis, system integrators invest in a reliable and future-proof technology.

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