Collaborate to accelerate

With everything that’s happened in the past year, it’s more important than ever to band together and move our industry forward. That’s why we’ve made networking an integral part of NRF 2021: Retail’s Big Show – Chapter One.

We can’t wait for the world to return to normal, so we must find new ways to collaborate, share ideas and stay connected. Together, we will change retail.

NRF 2021 - Chapter 1 Networking Programs

  • Networking
    Creating a personal profile allows people to see who you are and allows our platform to recommend companies to connect with.
  • Retailers and Exhibitors
    Matchmaking is available to Retailers and designated exhibitor representatives only (exhibitors have a max / 20 per company that are identified through registration).
  • Matchmaking groupings
    Matchmaking is between Retailer to Retailer, Retailer to Exhibitor, Exhibitor to Retailer and Exhibitor to Exhibitor.
  • Non-retailers
    Non-retailers will have the ability to schedule meetings with other non-retailers and exhibitors only.
  • Meeting guidelines
    Retailers and exhibitors will have the ability to schedule meetings with each other and non-retailers (non-retailers cannot initiate a meeting request with a retailer).
  • One-on-One Meetings
    These scheduled meetings allow you to pick who you want to meet with, check their calendar and send the request for a private video or text discussions.
  • Video meetings
    Video capability is available for meetings.
  • Profiles and calendars
    Meeting & Matchmaking platform will open on 12/29 for all attendees to start building their profile, setting calendar availability and to start scheduling meetings.
  • Schedule guidelines
    Although meetings can be scheduled starting December 29, meetings can only take place during the event dates starting January 12th thru January 22nd.
  • Time zones and scheduling
    Once the virtual event begins, meetings can take place 24/7, allowing you to meet with international attendees in their time zone. Be mindful of time zones when scheduling meetings. We recommend holding meetings with U.S. attendees during the event hours.

Additional Networking Opportunities

  • Interactive Discussion Rooms
    During scheduled times, each room allows up to 50 people to interact and discuss a focused topic.
  • Equality Lounge
    This program is now open to all pass types and features insightful Q&A sessions and exclusive networking areas.
  • Big Show Badge Game
    Make networking fun! Join your peers for this fun interactive games for a chance to win prizes.
  • Session Chat
    Each Keynote and Featured session allows you to text chat with audience members and submit questions to the speakers.
  • Exhibitor Booth Chat
    Each virtual booth in the Expo has an open text chat feature, allowing you to connect with the entire booth staff and any other attendees in the booth.
  • Exhibitor Big Ideas Sessions
    During these product demos and case studies, you can text chat with exhibitors to learn more about ground-breaking solutions and the latest retail technology.

Invite Your Network