Abigail Kammerzell

Abigail Kammerzell
US Sustainability Manager
Abigail Kammerzell is the Sustainability Manager for H&M’s operations in the United States. She drives the company sustainability strategy and programs to support the interconnectivity between the health of people and the health of the planet, while amplifying storytelling around H&M’s sustainability initiatives. Abigail is responsible for accelerating H&M US’s sustainability-related efforts through providing focus, alignment, and guidance, as well as overseeing charitable partnerships and engagement for H&M US. After joining H&M in 2008, Abigail worked in a variety of roles at H&M, including HR, Employee Engagement, and Internal Communications.

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January 19
12:00 pm12:30 pm
In this era of responsible retail, we talk to two world-class retailers, H&M & IKEA, which have always held sustainability at the forefront of their business agendas. As these brands continue to innovate to improve their environmental footprint, reinventing operational models and rewarding consumers for their sustainable efforts, we discuss the initiatives they are championing for the… Read more