Benny Tadele

Benny Tadele
Benny Tadele
VP, Global Merchant Payments Solutions
ACI Worldwide
As head of ACI’s merchant solutions, Benny has the responsibility of setting and executing the strategic direction of ACI’s Omni-Channel and eCommerce Payments solutions. He has been in the merchant retail payment space for more than 13 years, holding a range of leadership roles across software engineering, professional services and product management. Benny brings a background in high-performance computations, machine learning, deployment of enterprise-wide solutions and engineering scalable and elastic systems to his role.

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January 13
1:00 pm1:30 pm
The shift toward digital commerce accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we shop and pay for our groceries. Following a new survey, ACI revealed that 65 million new customers are available to grocers who offer touchless payments. Grocers and general retailers must adjust their offerings to meet consumers’ omni-channel buying preferences. 

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