Kerry Liu

Kerry Liu
Kerry Liu
EVP, Strategic Innovation
Kerry Liu joined Kinaxis through its acquisition of Rubikloud® Technologies in July 2020. He was CEO and Co-Founder of the machine learning company, which became a leader in retail and CPG forecasting and optimization technologies. As Executive Vice President of Strategic Innovations at Kinaxis, Kerry leads the integration of Rubikloud products and capabilities with the RapidResponse® platform. He is also responsible for building key partnerships and leveraging opportunities in the technology ecosystem to drive innovation and customer success.

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January 21
1:30 pm2:00 pm
Retailers face many challenges when it comes to responding to customer needs, especially in times of uncertainty. With disruptions like changing trade regulations, economic uncertainty, natural disasters and COVID-19 creating challenges for consumers and supply chains alike, retailers need to plan accordingly and adopt new strategies to stay successful and competitive in the future. Join Kerry… Read more