Laura Fagan

Laura Fagan
Laura Fagan
Director, Strategic Partnerships Marketing
Laura has spent more than 7 years at Salesforce in content marketing, product marketing, and now partnership marketing roles. She currently leads the strategy and execution around the marketing of the Salesforce + Google strategic partnership.
Prior to joining Salesforce, she spent five years with ESPN The Magazine, worked for the Detroit Lions as a feature reporter, covered red carpets in New York City, and spent time as a television weather forecaster and morning show co-anchor.

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January 13
12:30 pm1:00 pm

As one of the first online beauty brands, e.l.f. continues to attract a highly engaged audience and set benchmarks with new digital platforms. 

In this lunch and learn, hear how  e.l.f. earns and retains high-value customers through personalization at scale, while delivering best-in-class customer journeys across channels.