Lauren Chan

Lauren Chan
Founder and CEO
Lauren Chan began her career as a plus-size model at Ford Models in New York City. She later spent time as a fashion writer for outlets like Vogue before landing as a fashion editor at Glamour. There, she oversaw the fashion features team and owned the size inclusion beat. Over time, Chan became fashion's foremost expert on size inclusion, but despite her efforts was not able to access plus-size clothes beyond cheap fast-fashion outlets. Her smaller peers regularly wore high-fashion garments, reinforcing the narrative that thin women are of higher value. To refute that disadvantage, Chan created Henning. As a luxury plus-size brand, Henning allows women like her to wear high-quality clothing, and thereby be seen as high-value people. Her goal: to eliminate the inequality that plus-size women face by harnessing fashion to change the way they are perceived—and, more importantly, the way they perceive themselves.

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January 19
1:45 pm2:15 pm
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