Rajeev Aikkara

Rajeev Aikkara
Rajeev Aikkara
Vice President, Digital Technology
As Global Vice President of Technology, Rajeev’s role is focussed on leading the technology teams that powers Burberry’s customer engagement platforms globally. Rajeev has been Burberry for around 3 years. During his time, Burberry has launched number of initiatives including B-Series monthly drops, clientelling apps, wechat miniprogrammes, games and our first social retail store in partnership with Tencent at Shenzhen. Rajeev was named by Retail Week as one of the most influential people in shaping the future of commerce through technology and digital innovation in 2019. Rajeev is also member of advisory board at Imperial College Business School, and LUKSO who is a fashion blockchain business. Prior to joining Burberry, Rajeev spent eight plus years at ASOS across number of tech leadership roles. Rajeev is passionate about how digital technology is transforming consumer landscape, and the opportunities and challenges that it brings globally.

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January 14
1:00 pm1:30 pm
How is one of the world’s most iconic brands leveraging technology to drive growth through inspired customer journeys that converge the experience between channels and stores? In this session, Rajeev Aikkara, Vice President of Digital Technology at Burberry will discuss how Burberry transformed its business through its digital foundations. This fireside chat will provide insight into Burberry’s… Read more