Ryan Bezenek

Ryan Bezenek
Ryan Bezenek
VP of Information Technology
Ariat International
Ryan Bezenek is the Vice President, Information Technology at Ariat International. Ryan is responsible for the strategic direction and execution of Ariat’s worldwide IT operations. He provides leadership and oversight for all information systems and platforms and drives optimization and efficiency across the enterprise. Ryan brings more than 25 years of IT experience to this position.

Ryan holds a BS of Management (Organization Behavior) from the University of San Francisco.

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January 19
12:00 pm12:30 pm
Change is not new to retail.  What is new, is the acceleration with which we were propelled into it. While many retailers have been slow to change, innovative retailers like Burton Snowboards and Ariat International are ones who recognized how digital transformation allows for accurate, rapid data collection and analysis, new strategy implementation, and the ability to pivot executional needs in… Read more