Sanish Mondkar

Sanish Mondkar
Sanish Mondkar
Founder and CEO
Legion Technologies
Sanish is the founder and CEO of Legion. He has more than 20 years of strategic experience in products, technology, and cloud ops. He was Chief Product Officer at SAP and Ariba. In his role at SAP, he was responsible for all Procurement and Business Network products and technology, which represented over $1B of annual revenue. Sanish holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Pune University and a Masters of Computer Science from Cornell University.

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January 21
1:30 pm2:00 pm
Learn how Cinemark is transforming labor scheduling. Cinemark is improving employee engagement, managing compliance requirements like the scheduling of minors and predictable pay, while simultaneously building a foundation for AI-powered scheduling to improve labor utilization. With Legion WFM, Cinemark is able to improve manager efficiency and communicate real-time schedule updates. Cinemark is… Read more