Stephanie Wissink

Stephanie Wissink
Managing Director, Consumer Research
Stephanie Wissink joined Jefferies in May 2017 as Managing Director, Senior Research Analyst covering consumer products companies. Steph has near 20 years of Equity Research experience, previously with Piper Jaffray, authoring company & industry reports focused on beauty, retail, entertainment, toys & games, health & wellness. She collaborates with Jefferies global consumer, technology/media, and health care teams to provide insights on demographics, demand dynamics, and regional distinctions. Steph is a graduate of St. Olaf College.

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January 13
1:45 pm2:15 pm
Social movements taking place around the world and for myriad reasons are causing--and in some cases forcing-- us to look at what we stand for. This timely discussion deals with a brand's agility, the consumer psyche and sensitive topics such as equality, tolerance, acceptance and partnerships. Here we'll address the processes used to guide a company's direction, departments necessary for… Read more